A step-by-step energy healing process that enhances your intuitive abilities to heal both yourself and others. 

In the past, healing modalities have been rigid - a series of techniques passed from teacher to student with no real regard for the power of Source energy that flows through practitioners when they are in a state of true aligned authenticity. Intuitive Rebirth as a modality is not just another “way” to heal, Intuitive Rebirth is the initiation where you remember that you are the modality. And from that remembering you open to the most potent healing frequencies in all of existence.  

This method reconnects you to that forgotten intuitive wisdom, your own innate intelligence, through a system of inner journeying, to the soul root of all that has been holding you back so that the true self can be fully met, awakened and new timelines of the highest potential can be realised. 


The Intuitive Rebirth Method not only initiates your ability to facilitate the deepest energy work on the planet for others, but also awakens your inner healer to activate complete energetic empowerment and radical sovereignty.

  1. Preparation and Connection

To understand the client’s unique energy and serve to the fullest and deepest capacity, the practitioner first establishes a psychic connection. From this, the practitioner receives a channeled personalised blueprint directly from the innate intelligence of the client.This guides the energy-work of each session in a profoundly unique way. 

  2. Activation and Transformation

Using the power of loving presence, shamanic visualisation, intentional gentle breath, intuitive touch (or remote intention), sound vibration (usually from the voice), and psychic connection, the practitioner guides the client into the limitation or contraction within the energy body until the point of expansion, liberation and freedom. 

  3. Integration and Closure

The work in each session is always deep and life-transforming, therefore each session ends with gentle hands-on (or remote intention) healing and grounding. After the session, clients experience radical positive shifts in their life - huge expansions in work, relationship, money, joy, pleasure and love. The practitioner will offer guidance for how to navigate life beyond the session. 


At the heart of Intuitive Rebirth is the truth that everyone possesses untapped potential. Every single person on this beautiful planet incarnates with untold magic and brilliance - a soul uniqueness that once realised, manifests a life of alignment to a higher service or Dharma and  days filled with joy, abundance, love and contentment. Often this unique soul brilliance is not realised, blocked by a web of limiting stories and energetic imprints, keeping people stuck in lives that are painfully unfulfilling.

The Intuitive Rebirth method offers a roadmap back to the intrinsic magic and truth of the soul, from where the most extraordinary life can be manifested into reality. Intuitive Rebirth initiates healers into their soul mastery where the true power of the healing frequency within can be harnessed and channeled through into each session where the client is activated into their highest potential and limitless essence as a soul.


The power of the Intuitive Rebirth medicine is accessible to everyone. You can experience a life-changing session from one of our incredibly gifted practitioners, or to journey even deeper you can become certified as a practitioner both online or in-person at one of our paradigm shifting 7 day retreat trainings.