Intuitive Rebirth is a fully accredited energy-work modality that calls home the soul. This work, although accredited and backed by a solid structure and foundation, cannot be defined. This deep healing work is of the soul, for the soul. It transcends the mind and all fixed ideas around what it means to be a healer. 

Underpinning the Intuitive Rebirth method is the deep knowing that every single person upon this Earth realm is uniquely powerful, perfect and intended for greatness. What greatness means for each person is undefinable with a single definition, for a person experiences their greatness simply when they are free - free from limitations, free from distortions, free from the energetic imprints of the soul's burdens and free all that is not pure truth. 

At Intuitive Rebirth we know that when a person with an innate longing to heal is given permission to do just that, without restraint, and completely from the heart led by Spirit, they are a miraculous force of healing power. At Intuitive Rebirth we also know that when someone surrenders into the safety of a space that feels like pure love to receive that miraculous force of healing power from another, they are reborn. 

This work bypasses the mind that says, "I can't" or "I am not ready." This work speaks straight to the soul and whispers, "I see you, powerful one and I know that you are here to heal the world, one heart at a time."

Intuitive Rebirth is exactly that. A complete rebirth and remembering of the soul, fully guided and directed by the pure and loving heart of someone who gives themselves to the service of another for a single moment in time. In that single moment in time, the giver of the healing remembers that they are unstoppable loving power and the receiver returns home to the truth of who they are - free, liberated, whole. 

You can become initiated and accredited as an Intuitive Rebirth Practitioner through the method that teaches you the art of intuitive channeling, connection to divine guides, crystalline intention setting, purging & clearing energies that do not serve and calling in higher frequencies. The method in itself was channeled through by the founder, Rhiannon Heins as the blueprint needed to unlock the mastery and full power of the healers of the world.

You can also experience the life changing energetic frequency of Intuitive Rebirth medicine in one of our weekend immersions.