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Do you currently work in the healing arts in any capacity? 


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Please describe any experience that you have that feels relevant to this training. For example, other retreats, other modalities, spiritual experiences etc. Please be as detailed as you feel necessary so that we can get to know you better at this unique stage of your journey. 

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What is your motivation for joining the next Intuitive Rebirth Practitioner Retreat? What do you hope to get out of this experience? 

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Beyond a practitioner training, this retreat will be a deeply healing experience that unearths all that no longer serves you, to be transmuted back to love.

Is there anything that we need to know about your life journey to best guide and support you through this transformation experience? 

(We honour your privacy. We honour your vulnerability. Please share from your heart anything that feels relevant.)


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This practitioner training is upwards of $3000 usd (depending on the venue. Exact prices are listed on the previous page.)

This price includes your 7 day practitioner training experience, food and accommodation. This price also includes access to the online training program that can be accessed for assistance and integration before and after the retreat.

If your application is accepted, we will send you a payment link to secure your spot (valid for 7 days).

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When you are an Intuitive Rebirth Practitioner, how do you envision yourself making an impact in the world? 

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What are your dietary requirements?

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